Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q:  Is my privacy protected?

A:  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Every listing can be made under your unique username, or listed anonymously.  We do not hand out your contact info to any party, for any reason, any information you choose to post in your listing is at your sole discretion.  CannaMLS will aggressively confront any government requests for personal information related to cannabis activities.  However CannaMLS is not a direct venue for the sale of cannabis, but rather a networking tool.   All billing information is protected by Square Wallet and PayPal, in accordance with their privacy policies.

For the full privacy policy, please click here.


Q:  What can I post?

A:  Our forum allows for the sale of goods, properties, and cannabusinesses. Job posts, resumes, properties desired, and offers for professional services and goods are also permissible.  However, posting marijuana plants, marijuana seeds, marijuana cigarettes, marijuana shake or kief, or any other sale of actual herb is prohibited.  Violators will immediately have their posts flagged and removed; repeat violations will result in permanent ban.


Q:  Who can see what I post?

A: In most categories, anyone can see what you post. For postings within the Real Estate, Business to Business, and Finance sections, only premium partners have access.


Q:  What if I want to cancel my subscription?

A:  It’s easy! Just write us on our contact us page here



Q:  Who should I contact if I have technical questions?

A:  Please put "technical problem" in the subject line of the email when you write us here.


Q:  How long do posts last?

A: Posts will remain on the site for 10 days.  In order to reduce clutter, we ask that you please remove your posts when they become outdated or no longer relevant.


Q. Does your site submit our data to the National Security Agency (NSA)?

A. CannaMLS takes great strides to uphold our duty to protect user privacy. It is our goal to provide a user experience which is as safe and peaceful as is possible. At this time, CannaMLS has had no requests from the NSA but this does not mean we will not voluntarily submit data about repeated violent posts, or post that intend to harm another individual. Should the NSA make any official requests of CannaMLS, we will take all means necessary to alert users of the request and what it could mean for them.