The cannabis industry is a unique investment opportunity.  Investments in this industry can yield 20 fold earnings.  In particular the retail sector can exceeded Apples Stores($5,000+ per sqft) and Tiffany & Co($2,900+ per sqft)  in terms of sales per square foot.

At CannaMLS we work with several proven expanding brands seeking investment.

The unique nature of the industry creates a vast need for investment, as the Cannabis Industry cannot rely on traditional banking methods.

If you are an accredited investor seeking more information on an investment opportunity you can email us at

Our partners are selective about who they work with:  you may be asked for financial verification, and to sign a standard NDA.


Most large investments are needed as states pass recreational laws, this tends to be the most active time in setting up new businesses, and the most lucrative.  Even if we do not have any opportunities at the time you contact us things can quickly change as laws change and adjust.  We keep all inquiries on file, and do not share your information with third parties.