Growing/Processing FOR SALE in Eugene, OR

Pricing Details

Full Buy Out Price: $275,000
Buy In Price: $0
Ownership Percentage: 100 %

Property Details

Property Attached: No
Property Is Movable: No
Property Is Included: No
Property Is Included: No
Is Built Out: Yes
Has Room For Expansion: Yes
Operations Are Needed: No

Terms And Options

Rent is approximately $8537.19/mo for approximately 14,122 ft. (County Data) warehouse; contract-to-sell contingent upon approval by landlord of the buyer's assumption of lease. Landlord has implied lease assumption approval for qualified buyer/lessee. Two years left on a 5-year term. Current lease contains two options to extend. Financials will be necessary. Buyer may have opportunity (possibly in 2019) to expand into 15,000 feet currently occupied by adjacent Wheeler Dealer, upon their possible vacancy.

OGX, LLC (1041 HWY 99 N, behind Wheeler Dealer in Eugene, OR), FOR SALE, currently approved location with two recently renewed licenses - Valid Tier-1 mixed grow license and processing license, as well as City-approved butane-extraction site. Lease, Site-Plan and Equipment lists available upon request. Get up and producing within weeks, some valuable, prior staff may still be available for hire. Build-out and equipment on-site FAR surpasses the sale price. Recent transformer upgrade. New floor. Numerous flower, veg, process and storage spaces, pleasant, well-designed and permitted. Fully operational security room with 25+ cameras and off-site back-up. For maximum production, site may require HVAC upgrade.

Price: $275,000
Listing Status: Sold


Date Listed For Sale: 2/24/2018
License Type: Valid Tier I Mixed, Processing

Eugene, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: No

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer
  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction