Oregon Production Property

Pricing Details

Full Buy Out Price: $0
Buy In Price: $75,000
Ownership Percentage: 0 %

Property Details

Property Attached: No
Property Is Movable: No
Property Is Included: No
Property Is Included: Yes
Is Built Out: No
Has Room For Expansion: Yes
Operations Are Needed: Yes

Terms And Options

We are asking $60,000 for a 1 year lease looking to lease for 3-5 years and option to extend. Capital Improvements to the property that are negotiated will be discounted from the lease. We are offering our pending application with our state for sale at $75,000.

Hello, we have a 2 acres available on our 5 acre farm for lease. Our property already has a pending Recreational Cannabis license (Multiple License are allowed, or purchase our pending one). It will include in the lease a 3200 sq ft metal barn, electricity, water, 200 sq ft cabin, phone/internet, and restroom facilities.

Price: $60,000
Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 7/1/2017
License Type: Tier 2

Eugene, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer
  • Real Estate
  • Other