Oregon OLCC Processor's License

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-SOLD THIS LISTING IS OFF THE MARKET- Looking for someone to take over my OLCC license with Edible endorsement only. It expires May 7th and the Renewal fee is $4,700 . It is in a shared kitchen with only 2 to 4 hours/week at this time. But it can be transferred. Here is an opportunity to get a license which is already approved, and the Hemp endorsement has been applied for. This could be a partnership, or you can take it over and give me some residual rights to get items made or broker through you. I am keeping the Business Name: Dr. Phill's Pharma LLC.

Price: $100
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License Type: OLCC processor Edible endorsement

Portland, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: No

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  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction