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This property has been designed for state-of-the-art Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The existing infrastructure includes the equipment and space needed for a variety of production and processing needs. The processing facility includes solvent-less, hydro-carbon, and distillation extraction abilities. The finished flowering rooms have ample ceiling height with winch-adjustable lighting allowing a variety of growing techniques. All finished rooms have ample HVAC systems that include added dehumidification for optimum climate control. The structures are finished with heavy insulation and interior rooms finished in Uti-Lite panels. With the relatively low barrier to entry for outdoor and greenhouse production in Oregon, there is a lack of “boutique” level products produced in climate controlled facilities. This property is perfect for targeting those segments with the core infrastructure to expand in a variety of directions. There have been vast property upgrades with respect to power and water for future growth. The 23 acre property has ample southern exposure for a potential greenhouse expansion or enough power to add in excess of 10,000 sq/ft of indoor cultivation space. With EFU zoning and a Agricultural Use exemption the property is perfectly zoned for this type of development.

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Newberg, Oregon

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