Delivery Only Space Available

Pricing Details

Full Buy Out Price: $0
Buy In Price: $0
Ownership Percentage: 100 %

Property Details

Property Attached: Yes
Property Is Movable: No
Property Is Included: No
Property Is Included: No
Is Built Out: No
Has Room For Expansion: No
Operations Are Needed: No

Terms And Options

There is a $6,000 non-refundable deposit.

I have (2) spaces available for lease in South Los Angeles, Ca. District 8. 800 sqft. each with private bathroom and dedicated electrical service meter and A/C System in each space. This property is zoned for Retail and Delivery Only but I am only interested in Delivery Service Only Renters. There is no private parking only street parking. If Interested please contact me ASAP. I am asking for $7 a sqft.

Price: $7
Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale:
License Type:

Los Angeles, California

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Dispensary
  • Delivery