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Property Attached: No
Property Is Movable: No
Property Is Included: No
Property Is Included: No
Is Built Out: No
Has Room For Expansion: No
Operations Are Needed: No

Terms And Options

Lease initial term to 2022 Rate $12,500 Some abatement until 12/31/18 Annual 3% increases

Opened since 9/17 Medical & Recreational Dispensary and Cultivation Local and State permit 18 Flowering Gativa double end 1000 Watt Pro lights and 13 Veg. Daily Customer count ranges between 200-300 and in winter up to 500 POS system in place since 2014 Approx. 25000 patients Distribution and Manufacturing licensing in process

Price: $2,250,000
Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 8/25/2018
License Type:

Desert Hot Springs, California

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer
  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction
  • Distribution
  • Dispensary