Extraction and Refinement Facility

Pricing Details

Full Buy Out Price: $0
Buy In Price: $500,000
Ownership Percentage: 0 %

Property Details

Property Attached: No
Property Is Movable: No
Property Is Included: No
Property Is Included: No
Is Built Out: Yes
Has Room For Expansion: Yes
Operations Are Needed: No

Terms And Options

current 7 year lease with option to extend. A purchase of the property is also negotiable.

We are one of very few OLCC licensees permitted for both extraction and post-processing within the city of Portland. Our convenient location has proven to be very advantageous. We have extract, concentrate, edible, topical, and industrial hemp endorsements. We specialize in distillate and advanced refinement techniques

Price: $3,500,000
Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 10/18/2018
License Type: OLCC processor

Portland, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: No

Listing Type

  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction