2 Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses for Sale

Pricing Details

Full Buy Out Price: $2,750,000
Buy In Price: $1,500,000
Ownership Percentage: 100 %

Property Details

Property Attached: Yes
Property Is Movable: Yes
Property Is Included: Yes
Property Is Included: Yes
Is Built Out: No
Has Room For Expansion: Yes
Operations Are Needed: Yes

I am leaving Nevada and I have two Nevada state grow licenses for sale 100% verifiable. These are in North Las Vegas (firm price of $1,500,000) and one in Las Vegas City, the strip and surrounding communities (price is firm at $1,250,000). You can buy one or buy them both. These are not tied to a particular brick and mortar building. You will need to be experienced in the marijuana grow licensing specifics of dealing with the state licensing board, no exceptions. Please review below: Provisional Grow License (2) 1. Licenses are in Las Vegas and N Las Vegas 2. Outright Sale $1,500,000.00 for N. Las Vegas and $1,250,000 for Las Vegas city license. Cash upon closing and contingent upon successful transfer of either or both licenses. 3. Partnership (not preferred) $750,000.00 per license upon cash upon closing with a 15% rev share based upon gross sales. 4. Licenses will travel with the buildings. IE if a larger building is acquired the rev share will remain in place. 5. A 5,000 sf building with an SUP (Specific Use Permit) is available for immediate set up and grow after approvals. This specific building is on an acre of land and the building can be expanded to maximum size entitled by permit and code. From my real estate knowledge you will be able to more than double the size. (This is an opinion and the county entitlements need to be reviewed) 6. The license in Las Vegas city will need an SUP building. The city submission process is currently closed and opens 3 times a year. Las Vegas city location will be phased in probably early 2018.

Price: $2,750,000
Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 9/29/2017
License Type: Grow License

Las Vegas, Nevada

Recreational: No
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer
  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction
  • Distribution