Todd Shirley -  Visionary & CEO

My career has included over 20 years experience in the real estate industry wearing various hats. In the past, I managed a real estate investment trust and currently own my own brokerage. I also served as a Right of Way broker for the ​NoaNet project, where I navigated the complex bureaucratic system to get approval from cities, counties and private land owners to run a fiber optic line across Washington to provide high-speed internet access to underserved, rural communities. As a young adult, I always promised myself if cannabis ever became legal I would use my expertise to help the industry grow and thrive. When Washington approved the creation of a recreational cannabis industry, it quickly became apparent that ganjapreneurs were struggling to find locations zoned correctly for their proposed cannabusinesses and were unaware of the budding network of services designed to make their ventures successful. I knew the time to fulfill my life-long promise had arrived, and was born.


Jesse Zesbaugh – Communications Director

 My  expertise includes web start-ups, business management, and corporate communications. I have utilized these same skills for reaching communications objects with world class companies in almost every industry for the past 8 years. I am also a successful Film Producer, and Web Video Developer.  My works primarily focuses on projects related to social justice, animal rights, and educational empowerment and have been viewed by theater going audience around the world. Although one is far more likely to describe me as a connoisseur of fine alcoholic beverages than premium bud, I believe the vitality of the cannabis and hemp industries are key to a sustainable future and want to see do everything we can to help those industries thrive.