About US


Our mission is to provide an online platform that can connect the cannabis world - one that allows every cannabis community member to connect with and learn about what’s happening in the new, rapidly evolving, legal cannabis environment. On our forums you can find information and post about everything from exciting new products, community events, and even personal ads. For budding ganjapreneurs, there are plentiful opportunities to learn from and network with others in the emerging legal cannabis industry.  These services are free, and always will be.

For those who desire more, our Premium Partner Membership offers many additional resources, such as real estate listings in areas zoned for commercial cannabusinesses, and competitively priced service packages from industry experts who can help ganjapreneurs get started without the headache. Also included are our front line Business to Business services to help you get the most from the CannaMLS.com network. Whether you are an interested cannabis community member or a serious cannabusiness professional, our goal is to make CannaMLS.com your go-to stop for every cannabis connection.  

The cannabis community is changing the world with its fight for personal liberty, non-discrimination, and environmental protection. After our major victories, the eyes of the entire world are watching as Washington and Colorado take this first historic step forward. Our work is far from over. We must unite and organize even further for our historic experiment to be successful and the crushing wall of federal prohibition to finally crumble.  It is this vision which propels us in building this platform where every member of the cannabis community can come together to create a sustainable, responsible cannabis industry.

But like all great things, building a solid infrastructure takes time. We are launching in Washington, and will expand into other states as fast as is feasible. We thank you for forgiving us the dust as we continue to improve our services, and we’d love to hear your ideas about how we can better meet your needs. Please feel free to write us here with any comments or suggestions you may have.