How do I use CannaMLS?

We have created a help guide to go over how to use the major features on   If you have a topic you'd like covered let us know via our contact page.


How many people use CannaMLS? currently sees about 90k visitors per year from cannabis industry professionals.  For an industry comparison the largest Cannabis convention in the US MJBizCon in Las Vegas gets about 30k attendees per year.


Is CannaMLS affiliated with any registered or regulated MLS services?

No. CannaMLS is strictly an advertising service for cannabis assets.  The name was chosen solely to help people understand what it is.  If you are a regulated entity be sure your follow the applicable rules when posting advertisements.


What types of listings can I find on CannaMLS?

CannaMLS is a digital marketplace for listing cannabis licenses, businesses, and green zoned real estate. Most people use our platform to attract buyers to their cannabis assets and opportunities. We have listings ranging from newly-issued paper licenses to fully-operational, vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises. We also have listings for non-licensed real estate assets, including prime storefront retail locations and expansive warehouses suitable for various cannabis activities. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team works hard to make sure every post meets our strict guidelines, but please contact us if you have concerns about a specific post.


How can CannaMLS help me?

Our site was created to help the cannabis industry thrive! With thousands of site visitors each month, CannaMLS provides a platform to attract buyers from around the world to your cannabis assets. We offer a DIY solution for users that want to manage their own listings and sell-side process. Visit the About Us page for a full description of how we help buyers and sellers find their place in the cannabis industry.


What are the rules for listing on CannaMLS?

We want to create a platform that is relevant, respectful and resourceful for all who use it. That is why we have created a set of rigorous listing guidelines to ensure that everyone understands which types of posts are allowed and which will be removed. Please carefully review these guidelines prior to listing and let us know if you have any questions!


How can I get started using CannaMLS?

CannaMLS is free to use for everyone! As a seller or agent, the easiest way to get started is to add a listing and wait for the leads to come in. We always recommend creating an account first, which will allow you to edit your posts and receive listing notifications. If you’re a buyer, you can browse our thousands of listings or fill out a buyer form if you want help identify specific assets, including pocket listings not published on the public site. If you ever have any questions about how to use the site, contact us and one of our representatives will walk you through it!


How do I get more views on my free CannaMLS listing?

CannaMLS receives over 30,000 unique visits per month, and we have a couple ways to help your listing attract more views from these potential leads –  

  • The first is to purchase a featured listing spot, which costs $100 per month and guarantees your listing is on the home page for 30 days at a time. Feel free to contact us for stats about the increase in views for featured listings vs. regular listings.
  • The second is you can send an email blast to over 10k cannamls buyers to let them know about your listing, which costs 500 per email. Contact us fro get started.


How do I remove a CannaMLS listing?

You can only edit and delete listings if you first create an account. Simply log in, select “My Listings” at the top, click “Edit” on the listing you wish to delete, scroll to the bottom and click “Need this listing deleted?” and confirm, then your listing will be automatically removed from the site. If you posted a listing as a guest and need it deleted, just contact us with a link to the listing and we will remove it for you. Just make sure you create an account next time. ;)


What should I do if I contact a listing on CannaMLS and it’s no longer available?

We work really hard to provide a free service that is useful for buyers, but sometimes sellers forget to remove listings that are no longer on the market. If you contact a listing and they tell you the asset is no longer available, please contact us with the Listing ID or Listing URL and we will reach out to the seller before removing it from the site. We appreciate your help!


What states does CannaMLS have listings in?

Our platform currently has listings from 24 different states and counting! With dozens of new listings added weekly, our site inventory is growing rapidly and we are so excited to see assets posted from new and emerging markets. As CannaMLS gains even more traction in the marketplace, we expect to see listings from every legal market in the U.S. and around the world.


Does CannaMLS verify the accuracy or authenticity of any listings?

No, CannaMLS is a third-party listing service and we do not guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any posts on our site. As a free service receiving dozens of third-party listings per week, it would be impossible for us to verify the ownership, status, and/or zoning of every single listing.  This is why we always tell users to do their own diligence and consult an attorney before engaging with a buyer, seller, or broker from CannaMLS or any other site. If you are interested in engaging a Power Broker to assist with due diligence and qualification of any asset, buyer or seller, please contact us directly for a referral.


What should I do if I see my asset listed on CannaMLS and it is for sale by someone else?

This is extremely rare, but it can happen. If you see an asset listed on CannaMLS that you own or are the exclusive agent for, please contact us with the Listing ID or Listing URL and a brief description of your claim. One of our Quality Assurance team members will contact you and the original author for more information and will use our standard operating procedures to determine if the post should be removed. We value all of our users and will pursue every claim diligently before making a decision.


What are some tips for improving my listing?

After 7 years of operations, we know exactly what it takes to make a listing more attractive to potential leads. Aside from filling out the listing form entirely, adding this information to the asset description will help generate more interest from serious buyers:

  • What is the size of the asset (sq ft)?
  • Is the facility leased or owned by the seller?
    • If leased, what is the monthly lease rate and how many years are left in the lease?
    • If owned, is the real estate included in the asking price?
  • Is the business currently operational?
    • If yes, how much revenue is generated monthly or annually?
    • If no, how much revenue do you project in the first year of operations?
  • Is the seller willing to extend payment terms for any portion of the asking price?
  • What makes your asset unique or competitive? Examples are:
    • 1 of 10 licenses issued in this city
    • Includes guaranteed off-take agreement for 100% of supply produced
    • Store has on-site billboard and highway signage


Who should I contact about strategic partnerships with CannaMLS?

We believe in aligning our platform with the best service providers in the industry – from financial lenders, to lighting suppliers, to facility designers and more, we have entered into strategic relationships with companies we believe can drive additional value to our users. Please contact us with any business development inquiries!


How does CannaMLS create revenue?

CannaMLS is an online marketplace where sellers can post listings for free, and interested buyers can contact those sellers at no cost. We currently generate revenue by charging for ad space in our "featured listings” section, which allows sellers to pay a small monthly fee to have their listing at the top of results pages. Soon, CannaMLS will be launching a premium user membership that will give paid users access to additional features on the site. 


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