420 Shore: Marijuana Dispensary & Cannabis Consumption Lounge Investment Opportunity

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Price: $500,000

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Price: $500,000

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420 Shore: Marijuana Dispensary & Cannabis Consumption Lounge Investment Opportunity


Investment Payback For $500,000
The Project Shows  1.123mm Of Free Cash Flow At The End Of December 24.
The 50% For 500k Should Be Paid Back In 19 To 24 Months.  (See Attaches Model)
That 50% Should Represent Free Cash Flow At Y5 $3.25mm For The 500,000 Invested.
Funds to Raise:           $400,000
Increments of: $50,000
Loan Payback:                    Up to 24~36 Months, 12% APR
Upside of Profits: Economic Rights 20% of  LLC Profits 5 Years

Introduction: MJF Growth Management LLC, also known as “420 Shore”, has recently acquired cannabis dispensary Bella Sol Wellness located in Muskegon, Michigan with 4700 sq ft. The 420 Shore is seeking investment to expand its operations and offer new and innovative services to its customers, while also creating new revenue streams to advance a thriving business. At the forefront of this rehabilitation is a consumption lounge located next door to 420 Shore with 8000 sq ft of entertainment space that has the go ahead from the city of Muskegon. The 420 Shore dispensary has all necessary licenses and permits, and a well-designed business plan that demonstrates its potential for long-term growth and profitability. Below, this proposal outlines the investment opportunity, financial projections, and benefits to the investors.

The Bulldog Cafe in Amsterdam is known for its lively atmosphere and relaxed vibe. The new consumption lounge will be themed around this type of European ”coffee shop”, offering an entertainment destination for the cannabis consumer. We will offer a comfortable and welcoming space to consume and purchase various cannabis products. The decor will feature sections for sponsor brands throughout the lounge in separate areas. With art and furnishings, billiards, board games, we will create a compelling and unique atmosphere both for customers as well as businesses who want their cannabis brands to be more well known. We are sure that this will attract customers from the surrounding cities neighboring western Michigan, such as Grand Rapids as well as other states. 

Business Overview: The 420 Shore has a low start-up cost, with all the necessary licenses, permits, technology integrations,, and systems in place to ensure efficient and effective operations. The dispensary has a proven track record of success and a carefully crafted business plan that shows long-term growth and profitability, with a free cash flow of $1.123 million projected for December 2024.

Financial Projections: A detailed financial model has been created to show the expected growth and profitability of the business, including projections for revenue, expenses, and cash flow for the next five years. With a loan, investors can expect to make back their investment within 24 months or sooner, with the potential for scalability and additional revenue streams.

Expansion Plans: The 420 Shore is seeking investment to construct an adjacent 8000 sq ft consumption lounge, similar to the Bulldog Café located in Amsterdam, which will provide additional revenue streams and increase overall profitability. The lounge will provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for customers to consume their purchases, and offer new services such as subscriptions and storage options.

Technology Integration: The 420 Shore will also leverage technology to enhance its services and reach new customers. The website will allow brands to pay for advertising on the highly visited site, while allowing customers the ability to subscribe to the lounge & delivery services. The ordering integration will further set the 420 Shore apart from its competitors and enhance its appeal to customers.

Loan Terms: Open to other Loan Terms: 

The management team is seeking a $400,000 investment, with $200,000 dedicated to restarting and commencing operations. The funds will be used to construct and set up the lounge, including any necessary city licensing, equipment, furniture, and fixtures. Our goal is to raise $400,000 in increments of $50,000, with a loan payback of up to 24-36 months at 12% APR and economic rights of 20% of LLC profits for 5 years.

Loan & Investor Benefits: Investing in The 420 Shore provides an opportunity to get into the cannabis industry with a low start-up cost and the potential for high returns. The business has a track record of success and a well-designed financial model that shows long-term growth and profitability. The lounge and technology integration offer innovative and unique revenue streams that set The 420 Shore apart from its competitors.

Conclusion: The 420 Shore will be a thriving marijuana dispensary and the potential for  long-term growth and profitability. The addition of the lounge and technology integration will provide additional revenue streams and enhance the overall appeal of the business. The management team is seeking a $400,000 investment to fund the expansion, and investors can expect to make back their investment within 24-36 months. We encourage you to review the linked Google doc for further information and look forward to the opportunity to discuss the investment opportunity further.

Please review the linked Google doc for further information and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to discuss this investment opportunity further. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


The 420 Shore Management Team


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For Sale

Muskegon, Michigan 49441

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